Assistant Services

The Baby Works

$350 per month includes:
Everything in The Works package excluding beta reading & proofreading.

The Works

$400 per month includes: Everything from all packages, unlimited graphics, unlimited tours, beta reading, proofreading, one cover per month, and most additional requests (within reason

Newsletter Only

$50 per month:
Management of a one newsletter account with newsletters going out a maximum of 4 times per month, Arranging and organizing newsletter swaps. 

Social Media Basics

$125 per month includes:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Reader Group management with 10 graphics per month. *covers not included 

Full Social Media

$200 per month includes:
Everything in the Social Media Basics package along with ARC & Street Team management, takeover booking & scheduling, social media events, one book tour per month, and 15 graphics per month. *covers not included

 Social Media + Newsletter

$250 per month includes:
Everything in the Full Social Media package along with newsletter management, arranging and organizing newsletter swaps. *covers not included